Sunday, July 20, 2008

Y2J Returning This Week? - Lilian Garcia - SD - ECW - More

-- Plans are underway for Lilian Garcia to perform somewhere in South Florida following WWE's Survivor Series on November 18th in Miami. No more details are available right now, but the post-Survivor Series party will also feature opening performances from some of Miami's top pop, dance and Latin rock artists.

-- Ken sent the following: Tickets go on sale this weekend for the SmackDown and ECW tapings on 11/13 at the Kansas Coliseum in Wichita. Tickets are priced between $21.50 and $41.50.

-- Matt Hardy promises fans on his official MySpace page that he will be at Cyber Sunday this weekend and asks fans to vote for a "good old classic wrestling match." Hardy mentioned that his right eye is black and closed shut.

-- As noted earlier today here on the site, it's believed that the mystery person who brought The LAX the slapjack last night on iMPACT is Shelley "Ariel" Martinez. In case you missed it, a small framed person dressed in LAX-looking clothing gave a slapjack to Hernandez which enabled The LAX to get the pinfall. They played the angle like Hernandez didn't know who it was.

-- Chris Jericho’s latest book signings have been announced on his official website, for this coming Monday the 29th at Philadelphia (Where RAW will take place) and Tuesday the 30th in Long Island (Where the Smackdown tapings will occur). That is a strong hint of Chris Jericho returning this week, possibly as early as Cyber Sunday. We do NOT have this confirmed though.

Lilian Garcia's Return - wwe lilian garcia

Lilian Garcia updated the schedule on her official website and she has next Monday's Raw listed as her next scheduled appearance, so it looks like she'll she be returning to WWE then. Her site also says that she'll be appearing at Judgment Day, the 5/21 Raw, the 5/28 Raw and One Night Stand.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Lilian Garcia - Lilian Garcia Quiero Vivir

Lilian Garcia began to unbutton Amber's uniform and pulled it off of her shoulders. She leaned forward and kissed the newly exposed skin, running her tongue lightly up Amber's neck and then back down to the tops of her breasts. She reached up and slid Amber's bra straps down her arms while she continued to kiss her abundant cleavage. She pulled Amber's bra until her large breasts popped out, springing her hard pink nipples into the air. Lilian Garcia lifted Amber's breast to her mouth and began to gently suck the rigid tip. She ran her tongue in circles around the erect nipple while she massaged the other breast with her free hand.
Amber tilted her head back and lightly moaned, then turned her eyes towards mine.

Lilian Garcia leaned in and kissed Amber's full wet mouth. It had been years since I'd kissed another woman, and the thrill of it made my already hard cock throb with desire. I ran my hand down Amber's side and teased her nipple with my fingers around Sarah's still licking and sucking tongue and lips. Lilian Garcia followed the curves of the tight white uniform as it wrapped perfectly around Ambers firm ass and thighs. Lilian Garcia slowly slid my hand back up and under her uniform. Lilian Garcia pressed my hand firmly on her pussy and could feel her getting wet through her panties. She reached down and put her hand on top of mine and began moving it back and forth to massage her straining clit.

Lilian Garcia continued to lick and suck Amber's hard nipples, her eyes never leaving my hand pressed hard against Amber's craving cunt. With my free hand Lilian Garcia grabbed Sarah's and pressed it on Amber's inner thigh and slid my other hand away from Amber's pussy. Amber followed my lead and lightly slid Sarah's hand under her panties. Sarah continued to suck Amber's nipples as she slowly rubbed Amber's clit. Amber moaned and slid to her knees. Sarah followed as she continued to rub Ambers juicy pussy, now from behind. Amber reached up and tore off my belt. My pants fell to my ankles, my erect cock stood at attention in front of Amber's face. Amber wrapped her hand around my cock. Her fingers began to tighten and relax, sending waves of stimulation through me and Lilian Garcia could feel myself getting harder in her grip. Having another woman's hands on me felt amazing and Lilian Garcia burned for more.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

lilian garcia - Lilian Garcia XXX

Lilian Garcia didn't want to cum like this though. I needed her naked and I needed to be buried inside of her. I pulled her up to look into her face. She was flushed from lust and lilian garcia had to groan. Lilian Garcia pulled her up with me and quickly stripped both of us naked.
lilian garcia laid down on the couch and brought her down on top of me. She felt perfect in my arms and as Lilian Garcia eased into her, it felt like coming home after a long journey. She was gasping and moaning, but lilian garcia wanted to try something that I hoped would have her gushing cum like a geyser.
We were kissing furiously and as Lilian Garcia was pumping and she was so wet that I could hear squishing noises. Lilian Garcia lifted her up off me and she started whimpering. Man lilian garcia loved her. Lilian Garcia pushed two fingers in and out of her to coat my fingers and she started moaning again. I eased myself back into her and then began rubbing her juices in her crack. Lilian Garcia moved back and forth between licking my fingers and wetting her crack. When she was sufficiently wet, I started tapping at her opening.

She was almost yelping now. I started working my finger into her ass. She was bucking, grunting, and squealing into my ear. Lilian Garcia got my finger in to the knuckle and then started slowly pumping into her from both ends. When she came, it was like nothing i'd ever seen. I didn't even think people could cum that hard. She was spasming and thrashing so wildly that she tried to push off my cock. I held her tightly so that she couldn't move and pumped furiously into her.
Lilian Garcia got the crazy idea that Lilian Garcia wanted to make he cum twice so lilian garcia slowed my thrusting as she rode out her orgasm. Before she'd even calmed down all the way I sat up and carried her to the bedroom still sheathed in her moistness.
Lilian Garcia pumped slowly until she started responding again. I lifted her legs until her knees were almost touching her chin and lilian garcia started a torturously slow pump. I wanted her to feel every inch as it invaded her. She was almost purring by now. I wasn't through yet though.

Wwe Diva Lilian Garcia - lilian garcia tits

Lilian Garcia motioned for me to follow him and we sat facing each other in the confined space that he'd created. Lilian Garcia Quiero Vivir looked at him hesitantly and he jut told me to trust him. He cut some chicken, scooped some beans and then some stuffing all onto the fork. It was the perfect bite. I didn't think anyone but me was interested in eating this way but maybe Lilian Garcia was wrong.

He fed it to me and Lilian Garcia Quiero Vivir got a little panicked because he only prepared my bites like that. It was such a little thing to notice, but it might as well had been huge. He noticed how I ate, no one ever paid attention to me like that. He kept feeding me and Lilian Garcia Quiero Vivir felt like Lilian Garcia Quiero Vivir was losing it. Lilian Garcia felt something blossoming in me that far surpassed anything i'd ever felt for anyone.
Could it be that I was falling in love with him? Lilian Garcia Quiero Vivir thought about why I was so comfortable around him. It wasn't that he was just gentle, but he was intimate with me as more than just a lover. He was... loving? He was romantic in a way that was natural, not obligatory. It was like he wanted to touch me and kiss me, not just as a way to get to the sex. It was completely foreign to me and that's what threw me for a loop.

Lilian Garcia Quiero Vivir had been starring mutely as he fed himself and me. Lilian Garcia Quiero Vivir was so stupid. My body knew it long before my head had a chance to catch up. But where did that leave my heart? Lilian Garcia didn't want to lose his friendship but I was quickly coming to realize that I didn't want anyone else to have his love either. I was pretty sure that being his friend would no longer be enough. I just had to convince him of that.
She attacked me! I'd thought something was off during dinner but I guess Lilian Garcia Quiero Vivir was wrong. She damn near inhaled my dick. I had been semi-hard during dinner but as soon as she dove for my dick, i'd been standing proud. I didn't even question the why of it; I was just trying to catch up to the sensations that were coursing through my body.

lilian garcia photo gallery - Lilian Garcia in Bra

lilian garcia looked a little shocked and then smiled a little. "Well don't just stand in the door, set up and let me take a quick shower." lilian garcia was almost relieved that he wasn't going to be all sweaty anymore; I was fighting some serious urges to jump his bones.
I hadn't been to Jake's place in what seemed like forever. He had changed some things. He had new furniture with a dark masculine decor. lilian garcia saw a couple of pictures scattered around his apartment. There were family photos, but mostly there were pictures of us. There was one that really caught my eye. We had gone to a local concert with some friends and someone had snapped some pictures. lilian garcia didn't remember seeing this one though. lilian garcia was beaming into the camera and Jake had his arm slung around me with a beer in his hand. What was odd was that he wasn't looking into the camera; he was looking at me like... like he was into me or something.
It was odd but lilian garcia didn't want to read into it if there wasn't anything to it. lilian garcia looked at the rest of the pictures but there weren't anymore like that one. I figured that lilian garcia was just over analyzing but I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like if he were really into me. Instead of weirding me out, it just made me smile. I thought it would be kind of cool. I mean, it seemed like lilian garcia was into him even though I had never previously thought of him like that. I couldn't deny that I was completely drawn to him and that the thought of him moving on was really starting to wear on my nerves.
He came out smelling fresh and spicy. He pulled me to him kissing me softly. "This is a great surprise, but you don't need to apologize to me. You know that I understand." As he whispered this into my ear, I felt like lilian garcia was melting. If he didn't stop I was going to really jump his bones and to hell with the food.

He chose that moment to go sniffing around the kitchen. "This smells so good Kris, what's for dinner?" lilian garcia had fixed baked chicken, apple stuffing, and green beans. He groaned as lilian garcia told him what we were having. Then he got this gleam in his eyes and told me to sit everything on the coffee table. lilian garcia lowered the lights, poured some wine and sat on the floor in between the couch and coffee table.

WWE Diva Lilian Garcia - pictures of Lilian Garcia nude

Why is it that you always think of the perfect response after the fact? When Jake suggested that with the next guy Lilian Garcia in Bra might be okay, Lilian Garcia couldn't help but wonder if I even wanted another guy. Why should I go to another source when I had a perfectly good one already? Maybe Lilian Garcia in Bra was just too afraid to voice that.
It just didn't seem right that Lilian Garcia only wanted him for sex though. I mean he was a great guy, but we weren't even each other's type. Lilian Garcia couldn't see us working out in any other capacity except sexually. With that being said, I felt like my body was turning on me. Even though Lilian Garcia was upset when Jake came over, my body was zinging in his presence. It made me even more upset that I seemed drawn to him and it didn't help that he seemed completely unphased. I knew it was wrong of me but I wanted him to be as freaked out as Lilian Garcia was.
I still couldn't believe i'd called him ranting. He was such a great guy for not cursing me out. All day at work I was trying to think of a way to make it up to him. I decided to make him dinner that weekend. Lilian Garcia wanted to surprise him so I just showed up with the goodies. I hoped he wasn't upset about me just dropping by.

Lilian Garcia rang his doorbell and he took a moment to answer. Lilian Garcia was getting a bit apprehensive by the time he opened the door. He was sweating... profusely. I had an insane moment of jealousy but quickly realized that he had on workout shorts and tennis shoes.
Lilian Garcia was standing in the door with my mouth open. Sweat was glistening off his hard body and he was breathing hard from exertion. Lilian Garcia could almost feel his body heat and it was driving me crazy. My libido went into overdrive and I almost felt light headed. "Kris? What's going on? What are you doing here?"
Lilian Garcia was trying not to smell the scents rolling off him, it was making me so crazy. "Lilian Garcia.. uh, made you dinner... as an apology for being a bitch and yelling at you."