Thursday, March 20, 2008

WWE Diva Lilian Garcia - pictures of Lilian Garcia nude

Why is it that you always think of the perfect response after the fact? When Jake suggested that with the next guy Lilian Garcia in Bra might be okay, Lilian Garcia couldn't help but wonder if I even wanted another guy. Why should I go to another source when I had a perfectly good one already? Maybe Lilian Garcia in Bra was just too afraid to voice that.
It just didn't seem right that Lilian Garcia only wanted him for sex though. I mean he was a great guy, but we weren't even each other's type. Lilian Garcia couldn't see us working out in any other capacity except sexually. With that being said, I felt like my body was turning on me. Even though Lilian Garcia was upset when Jake came over, my body was zinging in his presence. It made me even more upset that I seemed drawn to him and it didn't help that he seemed completely unphased. I knew it was wrong of me but I wanted him to be as freaked out as Lilian Garcia was.
I still couldn't believe i'd called him ranting. He was such a great guy for not cursing me out. All day at work I was trying to think of a way to make it up to him. I decided to make him dinner that weekend. Lilian Garcia wanted to surprise him so I just showed up with the goodies. I hoped he wasn't upset about me just dropping by.

Lilian Garcia rang his doorbell and he took a moment to answer. Lilian Garcia was getting a bit apprehensive by the time he opened the door. He was sweating... profusely. I had an insane moment of jealousy but quickly realized that he had on workout shorts and tennis shoes.
Lilian Garcia was standing in the door with my mouth open. Sweat was glistening off his hard body and he was breathing hard from exertion. Lilian Garcia could almost feel his body heat and it was driving me crazy. My libido went into overdrive and I almost felt light headed. "Kris? What's going on? What are you doing here?"
Lilian Garcia was trying not to smell the scents rolling off him, it was making me so crazy. "Lilian Garcia.. uh, made you dinner... as an apology for being a bitch and yelling at you."

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