Thursday, March 20, 2008

lilian garcia photo gallery - Lilian Garcia in Bra

lilian garcia looked a little shocked and then smiled a little. "Well don't just stand in the door, set up and let me take a quick shower." lilian garcia was almost relieved that he wasn't going to be all sweaty anymore; I was fighting some serious urges to jump his bones.
I hadn't been to Jake's place in what seemed like forever. He had changed some things. He had new furniture with a dark masculine decor. lilian garcia saw a couple of pictures scattered around his apartment. There were family photos, but mostly there were pictures of us. There was one that really caught my eye. We had gone to a local concert with some friends and someone had snapped some pictures. lilian garcia didn't remember seeing this one though. lilian garcia was beaming into the camera and Jake had his arm slung around me with a beer in his hand. What was odd was that he wasn't looking into the camera; he was looking at me like... like he was into me or something.
It was odd but lilian garcia didn't want to read into it if there wasn't anything to it. lilian garcia looked at the rest of the pictures but there weren't anymore like that one. I figured that lilian garcia was just over analyzing but I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like if he were really into me. Instead of weirding me out, it just made me smile. I thought it would be kind of cool. I mean, it seemed like lilian garcia was into him even though I had never previously thought of him like that. I couldn't deny that I was completely drawn to him and that the thought of him moving on was really starting to wear on my nerves.
He came out smelling fresh and spicy. He pulled me to him kissing me softly. "This is a great surprise, but you don't need to apologize to me. You know that I understand." As he whispered this into my ear, I felt like lilian garcia was melting. If he didn't stop I was going to really jump his bones and to hell with the food.

He chose that moment to go sniffing around the kitchen. "This smells so good Kris, what's for dinner?" lilian garcia had fixed baked chicken, apple stuffing, and green beans. He groaned as lilian garcia told him what we were having. Then he got this gleam in his eyes and told me to sit everything on the coffee table. lilian garcia lowered the lights, poured some wine and sat on the floor in between the couch and coffee table.

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